Organic Pure Honeybush

Organic Pure Honeybush



Our organic honeybush is handpicked from wild bushes in the Western Cape province of South Africa and then dried naturally in the sun.

Compared to redbush tea (rooibos), its taste is sweeter. Strong notes of honey, on the palette it is woody and earthy.

Low in tannins, it will never become bitter when you brew it. High in antioxidants and minerals, it is also naturally caffeine free.

* Great for 2 infusions 

Our honeybush has been certified 100% organic by the SOIL association.

rich in antioxidants
good for skin
can help improve the immune system
can help relieve stress
contains no sugar, natural sweet taste

Available in:
Jar 80gr / 40 servings

Origin: South Africa

100% Organic Honeybush

How to brew:
1 tsp /cup | 95/100°C | 7-10 min

Caffeine: Naturally Caffeine Free

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