Organic Japanese Hojicha

Organic Japanese Hojicha



In Japanese, Hōjicha (焙じ茶) means “roasted tea”.

This organic Japanese green tea has been roasted for a few minutes at around 80°C, changing its colour from green to amber.

It is nutty, with slight caramel flavours.

The roasting process reduces the level of caffeine compared to other green teas: you can drink it at any time of the day, even in the evening.

Great with a meal, it is also the perfect accompaniment to desserts.

Thanks to its roasted flavor, it is ideal for people who want to transition from coffee to tea.

Our tea is certified 100% organic by the SOIL association.

✓ antioxidant
✓ low caffeine
✓ aids digestion
✓ mind calmness

Available in:
Jar 40g / 20 servings of loose leaf tea 
Refill bag* / 50 servings of loose leaf tea *(soon)

Origin: Japan

100% Organic roasted Kukicha

How to brew:
1 tsp /cup | 70/80°C | 2-3 min

Caffeine: Low

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