Organic Jeju Sejak

Organic Jeju Sejak



Korean green tea is one of the best kept secrets among green tea enthusiasts.

This organic Sejak is of the early first flush harvest (earliest spring growth) and is similar to the best Japanese green teas.

Leaves are hand-picked (only the first flush tender buds and leaves), then rolled and roasted in the pure traditional Korean style.

In the mouth it has a roasted and slightly nutty flavour. It is smooth with a mild astringency and a green to yellowish cup.

Sejak is grown on the fertile volcanic soil of the Jeju Island, where tea leaves receive salty sea breezes.

Our tea is grown organically and certified by the SOIL association. 

* Great for 2 infusions 

✓ Rich in antioxidants
✓ Medium caffeine
✓ Can improve brain function
✓ May assist with weight loss


Available in:
Jar 76gr / 38 servings of loose leaf tea 

South Korea (Jeju Island)

100% Organic Sejak

How to brew:
1 tsp /cup | 70/80°C | 2-3 min

Caffeine: Medium

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