Organic Pu Erh

Organic Pu Erh



Pu Erh is the only tea that is aged and fermented: like a great wine, it gets better with age.

Our organic Pu Erh reveals intense earth-like notes; it is smooth and malty. It is an ideal coffee alternative.

Pu Erh has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine. It is reputed to aid digestion and facilitate weight loss by reducing the level of fat absorbed in your body.

Our Pu Erh comes from the Chinese province of Yunnan. It is certified 100% organic by the Soil association.

Age: 4+ years

aids digestion

Available in:
Jar 66g / 33 servings of loose leaf tea 
Refill bag 100gr* / 50 servings of loose leaf tea *(soon)

Origin: Yunnan province of China

100% Organic Pu erh

How to brew:
1 tsp/cup | 95°C | 4/5 min

Caffeine: Medium

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