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100% Organic teas


100% Pure

Parigotte teas and herbals meet the highest organic standards: they are certified 100% organic (SOIL association certification). They have been naturally grown with love and care, without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Our teas are vegan and gluten-free.




0% Added flavourings

Delicious, simple and sustainably sourced: Parigotte teas have no hidden ingredients, additives, "natural" flavourings or chemical fragrances. Since we only source high quality, certified organic teas and herbals, there is no need to mask their taste with flavourings. 


Our story!


Eco-friendly packaging

Ecology is in Parigotte's DNA. Our jars are made of glass, a material which is 100% recyclable. We never use any plastic in our packaging or our parcels. We do not use any tea "bags" - all of our tea is loose leaf.

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